The Office for Gender Equality in NIG was originally started as “The Office for Female Researcher Support, NIG” in 2014, as a local support center of the office for female researcher support in ROIS (Research Organization of Information and Systems). As the name suggests, the mission of our office was to support the research activities of female researchers with the support of MEXT grant “2014 Program to Supporting Research Activities of Female Researchers”. During this program period (FY 2014~FY 2016), we had organized lunch meetings and seminars based on the needs among female researchers.

After the program finished in March 2017, we have been renamed “The Office for Gender Equality”, aimed at responding to the demands of both female and male staff of various positions. Here's the list of our activities.

1. Information center regarding support programs for female researchers and parents in NIG, childcare, nursery schools, and elementary school in Mishima city
2. Arrangement of in-house child care
(For details and how to apply see “In-house child care” page)
3. Career support for researchers
4. Management of Multipurpose nursery room

We would appreciate any comments or suggestion regarding our activities. Please send us any comments and suggestions.


Our aim is to ensure a comfortable work environment where people can deliver their full potential regardless of sex, age, job category or other personal matters.
Because NIG is a small organization, we can directly listen and respond to individual needs and opinions. If you have any problems or requests, please feel free to contact us at danjo-nig@nig.ac.jp.


Director Dr. Tatsumi Hirata