NIG Collaboration Grants: NIG-JOINT

NIG has started accepting application for 2020 NIG-JOINT (Joint Research and Research Meeting).

The Guideline for Application for 2020 NIG-JOINT (Joint Research and Research Meeting) National Institute of Genetics, Research Organization of Information and Systems.
For the application, please register from JROIS to get ID and password.
After log in to the application system, fill the application form and submit by electronic application.

  * Common Equipment at NIG are available to be used for the Joint Research.
  Please refer to the address below for the available Common Equipment.

Application was closed

*You can also download instruction manual from here. (Only in Japanese.)

Flow of procedure ⬅(Flow of application-adoption-submit the implementation report.)
(Only in Japanese) (Februaly 20th, 2020)
Instruction of registering Application Information ⬅(Please refer to this guideline for the application.)(Only in Japanese)


Letter of Approval Forms

If applicant’s affiliation is changed, a letter of approval from new organization should be submitted.
 Letter of Approval (Joint Research)  (Word)
 Letter of Approval (Joint Research Meeting)  (Word)


Report Forms

 2019 NIG-JOINT (A) (Word)
 2019 NIG-JOINT (B) (Word)
 2019 NIG-JOINT (I) (Word)
 2019 Joint Research Meeting (Word)
 2020 NIG-JOINT (A) (Word)
 2020 NIG-JOINT (B) (Word)
 2020 NIG-JOINT (I) (Word)
 2020 Joint Research Meeting (Word)


Publication of Research Result

Researchers are requested to acknowledge NIG Joint Research as follows when results based on this research project are published, and send a copy of papers (PDF file is acceptable) to our Research Promotion Team.

Example: (Successful Applicant, Taro Iden; Reference Number, 1A2020)
“This work was supported by NIG-JOINT (1A2020) to T. Iden.”


List of Previous Application Guidelines

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