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Welcome to our www home page. It is my pleasure to briefly outline the research projects now going on in our laboratory. One of the most frequently asked questions in biology is "How is the biological form generated? Why is the form so diversed?". All the projects introduced below are more or less related to this basic question. Hydra, a fresh water coelenterate, has a relatively simple, but well-defined, morphology and also a strong regenerative capacity. These properties make this animal potentially a good model organism for studying the principles of biological pattern formation. Meanwhile, hydra tissue consists of a limited variety of cell types, including interstitial stem cells which differentiate into various cell types. At this point, hydra is useful for the study of regulatory mechanisms of stem cell differentiation. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your search here. Thank you for your attention.

Toshitaka Fujisawa, Ph.D. Associate Professor.

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