March 14 (Fri)

Place: Toray Conference Center
17:00~20:00 Welcome mixer (Toray Multi-function Room 2F)

March 15 (Sat)

Place: Toray Conference Center & National Institute of Genetics
8:45~9:15            Coffee/Tea & Registration (Toray Center Building 8F)

Session 1 (Toray 8F Seminar Room)
9:15~9:30            Hiroshi Akashi and Tomoko Ohta: Welcome Remarks
9:30~10:00          (T1) Laurent Duret: On the Evolution of Recombination Hotspots in Modern and Archaic Humans: Biased Gene Conversion Leads the Race
10:00~10:30        (T2) Mizuki Ohno: 8-Oxoguanine Causes Spontaneous de novo Germline Mutations : A Study from the Mutator Mouse Line
10:30~11:00        Coffee break
11:00~11:30        (T3) Ziheng Yang: On the Estimation of Human Mutation Rate
11:30~12:00        (T4) Guy Sella: The Impact of Recent Human Demography on Deleterious Mutation Load and the Genetic Architecture of Disease Susceptibility
12:00~13:30        Lunch

Session 2 (Toray 8F Seminar Room)
13:30~14:00        (T5) Junko Kusumi: A Model of Compensatory Molecular Evolution with Indirect Compensation
14:00~14:30        (T6) Naoki Osada: Finding Evidence for Weak Compensatory Evolution
14:30~15:00        Coffee break
15:00~15:30        (T7) Deepa Agashe: The Evolutionary Dynamics of Dealing with Deleterious Synonymous Mutations
15:30~16:00        (T8) Howard Ochman: A New Selective Force Operating in Bacterial Genomes
16:00~16:30        Coffee break
16:30~17:00        (T9) Hidenori Tachida: Evolution in Conifer Genome
17:00~17:30        (T10) Takashi Gojobori: Comparative Metagenomics: Diversity of Marine Microorganisms in Japan

Move to NIG Lecture Hall
18:15~21:30        Poster Session I (P1~P16) / Dinner

Poster Session I (P1~P16)

(P1) Sen Xu: Deciphering Meiotic Recombination Using Linkage-disequilibrium Mapping and Whole Genome Sequencing of Single Sperm
(P2) Andrew Moeller: Geographic Separation Promotes Divergence among Great-ape Microbiomes
(P3) Jun Kitano: Why are there so many species with Y-autosome fusions
(P4) Masafumi Nozawa: Tissue- and stage-dependent dosage compensation on the neo-X chromosome in Drosophila pseudoobscura
(P5) Emily Brown: The chromatin landscape of Drosophila: comparisons between sexes, species, and chromosomes
(P6) Shohei Takuno: Gene body methylation is conserved between plant orthologs and is of evolutionary consequence
(P7) Yoshiyuki Suzuki: Evolution of influenza viruses
(P8) Kent D. Kawashima: Clade Replacement and Molecular Evolution of Dengue Serotype II Viruses in the Philippines
(P9) Akira Kawabe: Patterns of Genomic Integration of Nuclear Chloroplast DNA Fragments in Plant Species: location, age, and mutation biases
(P10) Miho Tamura: Characterization of ESTs collected from Cryptomeria japonica
(P11) Yoshihito Niimura: Expansion and contraction of the olfactory receptor universe: Orthology among 13 placental mammals highlights the evolutionary fate of genes
(P12) Jun Gojobori: TRP gene family evolution in echinoderms
(P13) Kosuke M. Teshima: Population genetic analysis of Distylium racemosum, a climax tree species in Japanese evergreen broadleaf forests
(P14) Takashi Makino: Genome-wide deserts for copy number variation in vertebrates
(P15) Toshimichi Ikemura: A bioinformatics method suitable for molecular evolutionary studies in the era of big data: BLSOM
(P16) Kazuho Ikeo: Easy Way to Analysis Big Data of Next Gen Sequencers by Our New Platform

March 16 (Sun)

Place: Toray Conference Center
8:45~9:00             Coffee/Tea

Session 3 (Toray 8F Seminar Room)
9:00~9:30            (T11) Toshiyuki Takano-Shimizu: Gene Expression Profiling of Testis in Drosophila melanogaster
9:30~10:00          (T12) Chau-Ti Ting: Genetic Basis of Behavioral Isolation Revealed by Comparative Genomic Approach
10:00~10:30        (T13) Nobuhiko Tokuriki: Is Enzyme Evolution Reversible? - Exploring Fitness Landscapes by Laboratory Evolution
10:30~11:00        Coffee break
11:00~11:30        (T14) D. Allan Drummond: A Nutrient-driven tRNA Modification Alters Translational Fidelity and Genome-wide Protein Encoding across the Drosophilids
11:30~12:00        (T15) Aya Takahashi: Pleiotropic Effect and Conflict Resolution in cis-regulatory Mutations Elucidated by Genome-wide Allelic Gene Expression Profiles from a Natural Population of Drosophila melanogaster
12:00~15:45        Lunch & Excursion

Session 4 (Toray 8F Seminar Room)
16:00~16:30        (T16) Dmitri Petrov: Pervasive, Rapid, and Strong Adaptation in Drosophila
16:30~17:00        (T17) Wolfgang Stephan: Genomic Signatures of Positive Selection at QTL for Cold Tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster
17:00~17:20        Coffee break
17:20~17:50        (T18) Charles H. Langley: Natural selection in the interactions of DNA polymorphism with nucleosome structure and function
17:50~18:20        (T19) Naruya Saitou: Neutral Mutations and Purifying Selection Dominate Genome Evolution
18:30~21:30        Poster Session II (P17~P32) / Dinner (Toray 2F Multi-function Room)

Poster Session II (P17~P32)

(P17) Saurav Mallik: Co-evolution among the ribosomal constituents sustained by the assembly constraints
(P18) Babarinde Isaac Adeyemi: Evolutionary dynamics of conserved noncoding sequence
(P19) Ko, Wen-Ya: Identifying Darwinian Selection Acting on Different Human APOL1 Variants among Diverse African Populations
(P20) Maiko Narahara: Aging effects and sexual differences in human gene expression in comparison with non-coding genes
(P21) Neha Mishra: Lineage-specific genome evolution in the Drosophila melanogaster subgroup
(P22) Tomotaka Matsumoto: Effects of unrealistic model usage on accuracy of ancestral inference
(P23) Kazumasa Shirai: Slightly Deleterious and Adaptive Evolution in mtDNA of Cichlid Fishes in East Africa
(P24) Angela M. Early: Patterns of short-term and long-term evolution within the Drosophila melanogaster immune system
(P25) Yuka Ikezaki: Inference of population structure in Taxodium distichum, a coniferous tree in North America, based on amplicon sequence analysis
(P26) Kohta Yoshida: Sex chromosome turnover causes genomic divergence between incipient stickleback species
(P27) Ryuichi Sugino: Genome scan for positive selection in Africa and non-African populations of Drosophila melanogaster
(P28) Philipp W. Messer: Soft selective sweeps in complex demographic scenarios
(P29) Takanori Yoshida: Importance of Gene Duplication in the Evolution of Genomic Imprinting Revealed by Molecular Evolutionary Analysis of the Type I MADS-Box Gene Family in Arabidopsis Species
(P30) Eriko Sasaki: The genomics of buffering and canalization in Arabidopsis thaliana
(P31) Sonoko Kinjo: Gene expression profiling in nervous system of sea urchin larvae and insights into the evolution of central nervous system
(P32) Masa-aki Yoshida: Comparative genomic analysis of Cephalopod mollusks  provides insight into the giant brain evolution

March 17 (Mon)

Place: Toray Conference Center
8:45~9:00            Coffee/Tea

Session 5 (Toray 8F Seminar Room)
9:00~9:30            (T20) Soojin Yi: DNA Methylation and Evolution of Duplicate Genes
9:30~10:00          (T21) Doris Bachtrog: The Epigenome of Evolving Sex Chromosomes: Dosage Compensation and Heterochromatin Formation
10:00~10:30        Coffee break
10:30~11:00        (T22) Manyuan Long: An Emerging Paradigm: New Genes Drive Phenotypic Evolution
11:00~11:30        (T23) Jeff Fawcett: The Role of Gene Conversion in Preserving Rearrangement Hotspots in the Human Genome

Move to NIG campus
12:15~13:45        Lunch at the NIG Guest House 2F

Session 6 (NIG Lecture Hall): Special Session honoring Tomoko Ohta
13:45~14:00        Welcome Remarks
14:00~14:45        (S1) Andrew G. Clark: Positive and Purifying Selection on the Drosophila Y chromosome
14:45~15:30        (S2) Michael Lynch: Understanding Features of Recombination and Historical Demography from Linkage Disequilibrium in Single Individuals
15:30~16:00        Coffee break
16:00~16:45        (S3) Nancy A. Moran: Genomic Erosion in Symbiotic Bacteria
16:45~17:00        Hiroshi Akashi: Introduction of Tomoko Ohta
17:00~17:30        (S4) Tomoko Ohta: Weak Selection in Evolution of Gene Regulation
18:30~21:00        Dinner at a restaurant