National Institute of Genetics 国立遺伝学研究所 木村暁研究室

The cell is a highly organized architecture that, inside the cell, organelles and the cell division plane are positioned in the right place at the right time. Our group is searching for design principles in spatial organization of cell architecture, and analyzing mechanical bases underlying the principles. We are using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans embryo as a model system. In addition to molecular biology approaches, we use computational approaches such as image processing, quantitative measurement, and computer simulation.

Upcoming events

Oct 19-21
Autumn Symposium of Japanese Society for Developmental Biology will be held at Mishima.
Oct 29
NIG seminar will be held at Tokyo.
Oct 31- Nov. 1
Akatsuki Kimura will give a lecture and seminar at Osaka University.
Nov 26
Akatsuki Kimura will give a talk at Annual meeting for Biopysical Society of Japan at Tsukuba.


Sept 14-15
Akatsuki gave a lecture and seminar at Kumamoto University.
Sept 4
Akatsuki gave a lecture at the Summer School of Society of Young Scientists in Biophysics.
Aug 29
Akatsuki gave a talk at a symposium at Tokyo on 10th anniversary of NIG Center for Frontier Research.
July 29
Our paper on estimating forces for cytoplasmic streaming in C. elegans and mouse cells has been published. The project was led by Dr. Ritsuya Niwayama (present at EMBL), and was a collaboration with Drs. Higuchi, Nagao (ISM), Ishikawa (Tohoku U), Kitajima (RIKEN), Hufnagel (EMBL) and Shinohara (Osaka U).
July 19
Akatsuki Kimura gave a talk at Brown Bag Lunch Seminar at Marine Biological Laboratory, USA.
June 1
10th anniversary for the establishment of Cell Architecture Laboratory. Thank you all for your support.
April 1
Ms. Kazuko Oishi and Ms. Tomoko Ozawa joined the lab as research technicians.

  • Akatsuki (Aki) KIMURA
  • Kenji KIMURA
  • Yohei KIKUCHI
  • Kazunori YAMAMOTO
  • Kazuko OISHI
  • Tomoko OZAWA