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Research at NIG
¨ Akashi,Hiroshi ¨Molecular Evolution
      ( Professor Akashi is moving to NIG, Department of Population Genetics, in January 2009.)
¨ Araki,Hiroyuki ¨Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
¨ Fujiyama,Asao ¨Evolutionary and Quantitative Biology¨Genome Biology
¨ Gojobori,Takashi ¨Bioinformatics ¨ Evolutionary and Quantitative Biology ¨ Genome Biology
¨ Hiromi,Yasushi ¨Cell Biology ¨ Developmental Biology¨ Neurobiology
¨ Kawakami,Koichi ¨Developmental Biology¨Vertebrate Genetics
¨ Kimura,Akatsuki ¨Cell Biology
¨ Kobayashi,Takehiko ¨Molecular Biology and Biochemistry¨ Cell Biology ¨ Genome Biology
¨ Saga,Yumiko ¨Developmental Biology¨Mouse genetics
¨ Shimamoto,Nobuo ¨Molecular Biology and Biochemistry ¨Nanobiology
¨ Suzuki,Emiko ¨Cell Biology ¨ Developmental Biology ¨ Neurobiology
¨ Takano,Toshiyuki ¨Evolutionary and Quantitative Biology ¨ Genome Biology
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