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The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) functions as the Department of Genetics of SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) and offers graduate programs in Genetics. Those who have a bachelors degree or equivalent are eligible to apply to our 5-year PhD program. Those with a Masters degree or two years of research experience after obtaining bachelors degree can enroll in our 3-year PhD program.
Our graduate programs provide interdisciplinary education with frequent seminars, journal clubs, and workshops on scientific writing and presentation. NIG has about 35 research groups, each headed by a professor or an associate professor who leads innovative research programs in a highly interactive atmosphere. The quality of the research done at NIG is evident from the frequent citation of papers published from the Institute and the high funding rates for grant proposals from NIG. NIG houses enormous resources for basic research in life sciences, such as the well-established DNA database (DDBJ), an extensive collection of mutant strains of various model organisms, and state of the ar t research equipment.
United under the term "Genetics", the graduate students at NIG continue to expand the frontiers of life sciences, in molecular and cell biology, development, neurosciences, evolution, structural biology and bioinformatics.
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