Not only initial assistance during International member's move to NIG / SOKENDAI, GIP offers varied support for them in their daily lives so that they can dedicate themselves to research without communication problems or feeling isolated at an unfamiliar environment.

Japanese Language Lessons


NIG offers free Japanese lessons for International members. The classes are divided into small groups at a few different levels and people are taking lessons from qualified Japanese language tutors.

Measures to Disaster Preparedness

  • Distributing "Emergency Response Pocket Guide"
  • In order to know what to do when a disaster occurs, we have published a safety manual and distributed to all international members.
  • Fire Preparedness Drill at NIG
  • NIG carries out the drill every year. GIP provides English explanation all through the event.
  • Visit to the Mishima Police Station for Their Disaster Preparedness Drill
  • NIG international members were invited in order to be more aware of disaster preparedness.

To view our visit, please click here.