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Featured in PNAS "In This Issue" as 'Technology illuminates zebrafish neural circuits'.

A new research paper by Dr. Akira Muto and Dr. Koichi Kawakami entitled 'Genetic visualization with an improved GCaMP calcium indicator reveals spatiotemporal activation of the spinal motor neurons in zebrafish' was published in PNAS on 7 March, 2011. The research paper was also featured in "In This Issue" section of PNAS; an article entitled 'Technology illuminates zebrafish neural circuits' was written to highlight the achievement.

Dr. Akira Muto

Dr. Koichi Kawakami
→ Read more on this research :  http://www.nig.ac.jp/hot/2010/PRkawa1103.html
→ PNAS "In This Issue" :  http://www.pnas.org/content/108/13/5141.full

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