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Close-up! Interviews

Mcm8-9, a newly discovered protein complex that determines sensitivity to anti-cancer agents, participates in DNA recombination repair - and possibly causes Fanconi anemia, a hereditary disease

KANEMAKI, Masato & NISHIMURA, KoheiKANEMAKI, Masato  Professor
Molecular Function Lab./Kanemaki Group.

NISHIMURA, Kohei  JSPS Research Fellow
Molecular Function Lab./Kanemaki Group.

Discovery of a new mechanism in which extracellular signals prompt transcription

Hydrodynamics explains intra-cellular flows, just like bath water!

Akatsuki Kimura and Ritsuya NiwayamaAkatsuki KIMURA  Associate Professor
Cell Architecture Lab./ Kimura Lab.

Ritsuya NIWAYAMA  Ph.D Student
Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI 

The mechanism of synchronous pollen formation in an anther

Ken-ichi NonomuraKen-ichi NONOMURA  Associate Professor
Experimental Farm 

Elucidating part of the DNA damage repair mechanism!

Kanji FuruyaKanji FURUYA  Assistant Professor
(Dr. Furuya moved from the NIG in Mar. 2011.)
Niki Group, Microbial Genetics Laboratory 

Developing a new method of transgenic mouse production using Tol2!

Kenta SumiyamaKenta SUMIYAMA  Assistant Professor
Saitou Group, Division of Population Genetics 

Elucidating the mechanism to maintain spermatogonial stem cells: Nanos2 is one of key players

Yumiko Saga and Aiko SadaYumiko SAGA  Professor
Mammalian Development Lab./ Saga Lab.

Aiko SADA  Ph.D Student
Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI